4 Tape Measure Tricks You Need to Be Using Right Now

Tape Measure Tricks

The humble tape measure, seems simple enough right?  After all, how much technology and creativity can there really be in a tool that’s been around for nearly 100 years?

Well, think again, because the modern tape measure comes with a few tricks up sleeve, and chances are you never knew about them.

And you’re not the only one wondering what else your tape measure can do.  This wildly-helpful YouTube video by user “See Jane Drill” has amassed over 16 million views!

So to recap, here are the four tape measure tips, tricks, and hacks Leah covers in her video:

#1 Nail & Screw Slot

Just about every tape measure in production today features this little slot, and no it’s not just there for looks or to save a little weight.  The slot is intended to hook onto screws and nails for easy, one-handed measuring.

Tape measure tricks hacks
Image Source: YouTube

#2 Serrated Edge Scribing Tool

Check out the hook end of your tape measure.  Notice those little bumps and ridges?  Those can be used as a simple scribing tool to cut a rough mark at the end of your measurement.

Tape Measure Hacks
Image Source: YouTube

#3 Sliding Hook

No the hook on your tape measure is not loose or falling apart, that little back and forth sliding action is actually by design, and it’s quite precise.  The hook on the end of your tape measure includes exactly 1/16″ of play and is designed to slide back and forth for accurate inside and outside corner measurements.

So don’t try to “tighten it up” because if you do your measurements will be less accurate!

Tape Measure Tricks 2
Image Source: YouTube

#4 Numbers on Base of Tape Measure

Every tape measure features length information (usually in both standard and metric) on its base.  The reason for this has everything to do with making inside measurements where you have to account for the length of the tape measure itself.

Tape Measure Hacks 2
Image Source: YouTube

So there you have it!  The “simple” tape measure turns out to be not so simple after all.

Chances are, you’ll never look at your tape measure the same way again.