The Best of Milwaukee New Product Symposium #NPS17

The Best of Milwaukee New Product Symposium NPS17

#NPS17 kicked off yesterday and stands for New Product Symposium 2017.  For those who don’t know, NPS17 is the annual event where the uber-popular tool manufacturer, Milwaukee Electric, unveils its latest and greatest product innovations.

With so many of the most influential tool reviewers and bloggers attending the symposium it’s no wonder that #NPS17 quickly became one of the largest new tool social media events of the year.

Here are just a few of the much-anticipated highlights from Milwaukee’s New Product Symposium 2017.

New M18 Fuel Hacksaw

Some of the biggest news yesterday came from the M18 Fuel line with the introduction of the new M18 Fuel Hacksaw which is lighter while providing more power and less vibration.  The reduced weight and vibration are welcomed improvements for anyone regularly using a cordless hacksaw.

Impact Rated Auger Bits

New power tools might be flashy but they weren’t the only innovations getting attention at #NPS17.  Check out this demonstration by Instagram user @toolpig showing how much faster Milwaukee’s impact rated 7/16″ shank auger bits cut versus ship augers.

#tool fight!!! #nps17 new impact rated 7/16″ shank auger bits cut much faster and cleaner than ship augers.

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Absurdly Strong Tool Organization Boxes

Talk about putting something to the test…how about the old concrete block drop!

Ratcheting Tubing Cutters

This one is a first for Milwaukee…and wow do their new ratcheting tubing cutters (coming soon) pack a punch!

M12 AirSnake

This one is going to be a huge time saver for anyone snaking drains.  The new Milwaukee M12 AirSnake can be used to clear clogs up to 35ft past the vent stack.

The M12 AirSnake cleaning a grease clog #nps17 #plumbing #draincleaning

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2nd Generation M12 Driver

Smaller, lighter….MORE POWERFUL!  This little guy packs a 3300 RPM punch.

New M18 Rover

The M18 Rover portable work light got some serious upgrades as well, including an intelligent clamp/magnet mounting system to accommodate any work site.

New Milwaukee Screwdrivers

Hand tools got an upgrade for #NPS17 as well. These screwdrivers feature an improved cushion grip and molded identifiers that help you determine what type of screwdriver you have in hand without looking (great for dark/tight crawlspaces).

Hand tool expansion with some really cool features. Check out the handle markings #nps17

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So what was your favorite tool announcement at #NPS17?  Let us know by leaving a comment on our Facebook page.

Cover Photo by @concordcarpenter