The Great Debate – What is the Best Tool Brand?

What is the Best Tool Brand

“What is the best tool brand?”  Wow do we hear that question a lot!

Spoiler Alert: There is no 100% correct answer.

And why is that you ask?

Simply put, we are lucky enough to live in a time when tool (especially power tool) innovation is coming more rapidly than ever.

It seems that every six months the big name tool brands like DEWALT, Milwaukee, Matabo, Makita, (the list goes on) are all coming out with better and newer tool innovations.

There are Many Great Tool Brands

The truth is that all this competition among tool brands for the spotlight is good for consumers.  And, with the introduction of social media to the marketing space it’s no wonder that tool brands are pushing to get their latest products out in front of an ever-growing audience.

But that’s not to say that there aren’t a few brands that are able to stand out a bit from the pack.

Recently Milwaukee Electric unveiled a bunch of new tools and accessories at their #NPS17 event.

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The event featured tools that were faster, stronger, smaller, and smarter than their already highly-acclaimed line of tools and accessories.

Not to be outdone, brands like Makita have also been announcing a steady stream of new tools and training centers around the country.

But, it’s Not all Cupcakes and Rainbows

Perhaps what makes crowning just one “best tool brand” is the fact that that anyone can make a “bad” tool from time to time.

Even the biggest names in the business have rolled out tools that have been met with complaints from users.

This issue has been even further complicated by the pressure tool brands have to keep their prices low, which has forced many of them to move manufacturing facilities overseas and cut costs (read: corners).  This has forced a lot of die-hard tool users to either switch back and forth between brands or hunt-down and purchase used tools that are a few model years older.

Don’t get us wrong…this type of thing does not happen often, but it does happen, and it seems to happen occasionally to all the major tool brands.

Don’t Count Out Personal Preference

Another matter complicating the debate over which is the best tool brand is the undeniable fact that we all have our own personal preferences.

Think about it…have you ever had that one tool that just never let you down?

Perhaps it was something handed down to you by your father, or grandfather.  If so, there’s a fair chance that tool created a lot of brand loyalty for you and is probably a strong influence on your future tool purchases.

The truth is that just about every tool user has a story like this, and the brands they talk about vary greatly, further making the debate a matter of personal preference.

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Here’s the Good News…

So with all the debate out there about which is the best tool brand and the extremely high level of one-upmanship among tool brands, there is one bit of very good news.

The fact that they’re all pretty darn good!

That’s right, a little healthy debate among users and competition among brands has helped to raise the bar for everyone from DEWALT to Bosch.  

As these tool  brands compete to be the best the winner ends up being the consumer.  The only exception to this rule being when tool brands work to roll out new innovations so quickly that they end up making a lower-quality product.  Luckily for us, that doesn’t happen all that often.

And We Have Lots to Look Forward to

As mentioned earlier, never before in history have we seen so much technology being integrated into our tools.

Cordless power tool batteries are getting stronger than ever which makes even the most remote work sites accessible to power tools that were previously limited by the length of their power cord.

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On top of that, many of the major tool brands are even integrating things like Bluetooth technology into their tools which helps keep tools secure and is providing us with all types data never before thought possible.

Additionally, the introduction of brushless motors have been the driving factor for countless new power tool features including variable speeds and longer run times.

Ok, So What is the Best Tool Brand?

So what really is the best tool brand?  That decision is largely up to you.

If you love the tool you’re holding in your hand that’s excellent, but don’t be afraid to try a different brand now and then.  You just might be surprised what the “other guys” have to offer.

No matter how much we debate it there will never be a 100% certain answer to the question “what is the best tool brand?”  Those answers change over time, even among the most die-hard tool brand users.

But regardless, debating (and sometimes arguing) over which is our personal favorite tool brand is fun sometimes right?!?  So, which is your current favorite?

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