Klein Tools Announces New Line of Battery Operated Tools

Klein Tools Announces New Line of Battery Operated Tools

Yes, you heard that correctly, Klein Tools is bringing over 160 years of quality, durability and expertise in hand tools to battery-operated tools! Klein’s new line will feature cable cutters, crimpers, and an impact wrench that will all be powered by DEWALT Lithium-Ion batteries. Many would argue that it was a smart move for Klein to look […]

4 Tape Measure Tricks You Need to Be Using Right Now

Tape Measure Tricks

The humble tape measure, seems simple enough right?  After all, how much technology and creativity can there really be in a tool that’s been around for nearly 100 years? Well, think again, because the modern tape measure comes with a few tricks up sleeve, and chances are you never knew about them. And you’re not […]

Makita Brushless Impact Driver Versus Milwaukee Head-to-Head

Makita vs Milwaukee

First, let us disclaim that we do not recommend duplicating this test at home! That said, we all know Makita makes some of the best power tools on the market, but recently YouTuber AvE decided to put the Makita Brushless Impact Driver to the test by squaring off head-to-head against another power tool titan…the Milwaukee […]

The Great Debate – What is the Best Tool Brand?

What is the Best Tool Brand

“What is the best tool brand?”  Wow do we hear that question a lot! Spoiler Alert: There is no 100% correct answer. And why is that you ask? Simply put, we are lucky enough to live in a time when tool (especially power tool) innovation is coming more rapidly than ever. It seems that every […]

20V Cordless Electric Trimmer for Under $99

Black and Decker Cordless Timmer Under 99

Nowadays it seems like everyone is making the switch from gas to electric trimmers.  And why not?  Electric trimmers are proving to be just as powerful as their gas counterparts, plus they’re lighter, often easier to use, and better on the environment. Plus no more messy mixing and storing oil and gas! With electric weed […]

The Best of Milwaukee New Product Symposium #NPS17

The Best of Milwaukee New Product Symposium NPS17

#NPS17 kicked off yesterday and stands for New Product Symposium 2017.  For those who don’t know, NPS17 is the annual event where the uber-popular tool manufacturer, Milwaukee Electric, unveils its latest and greatest product innovations. With so many of the most influential tool reviewers and bloggers attending the symposium it’s no wonder that #NPS17 quickly […]

3 Reasons Why the DEWALT FLEXVOLT System is a Game Changer


If you haven’t already heard, the new DEWALT FLEXVOLT system has been the talk of power tool aficionados everywhere.  Why you ask?  Because as DEWALT puts it, the FLEXVOLT gives you “the power of corded, and freedom of cordless.” And they’re not kidding either.  The new 60v cordless batteries pack a serious punch!  Plus, the […]