3 Reasons Why the DEWALT FLEXVOLT System is a Game Changer


If you haven’t already heard, the new DEWALT FLEXVOLT system has been the talk of power tool aficionados everywhere.  Why you ask?  Because as DEWALT puts it, the FLEXVOLT gives you “the power of corded, and freedom of cordless.”

And they’re not kidding either.  The new 60v cordless batteries pack a serious punch!  Plus, the battery packs automatically change voltage when you change tools – hence “FLEX” volt.  So, power plus convenience?  Now you’re speaking our language.

That video should be enough to get your heart pumping a bit, and yes, you heard correctly that the DEWALT FLEXVOLT allows you to double up two 60v batteries for 120v power.

So why is this new system such a game changer?  Let’s explore.

Cordless Power Where Never Before Possible

First of all, DEWALT now opens up a whole new arena of larger tools that were previously constrained to a power outlet, including a 12″ sliding miter saw or 8-1/4″ table saw.

Working at a remote job-site?  No access to power without a generator?  No longer a problem.



Backwards Compatibility with Your 20v DEWALT tools

Pick up a few of the new 60v Max batteries and they’re ready to use with your current 20v DEWALT tools and chargers right out of the box.  Nothing is left obsolete and the new 60v batteries will give you four-times the run time of the compact 20v Max battery you were using in the past.


Users and Reviewers Love it

With so much innovation packed into one cordless power tool system it’s no wonder why so many people are talking about the FLEXVOLT.

In talking about his experience with the FLEXVOLT system YouTuber Wranglerstar said:

“The idea of being able to take a tool like this reciprocating saw that has the same capabilities and maybe even more than the traditional corded saw is a total game changer.”

We’re seeing users everywhere sharing their newly mobile workstations only made possible with the FLEXVOLT system.

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It suffices to say that DEWALT has undoubtedly changed the game with regards to how we’ll use power tools now and in the future.

Get ready to cut the cord!  Check out the new line of DEWALT FLEXVOLT tools and accessories here.